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Is the new “Highlander” a prequel to the series with Lambert? Stahelski talks about working on the film

Up until now, we had limited information regarding the “Highlander” reboot featuring Henry Cavill. However, Chad Stahelski, who is leading the project, has now provided an update on its details. What do we know about the “Immortal” reboot? During an interview on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Chad Stahelski shared some insights about the […]

“Baldur’s Gate 3” is coming to Xbox later this year! One mode is missing

virginiaeranet  Amid the ongoing Gamescom event, a meeting transpired between a representative from Larian Studio and Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division. This meeting was dedicated to discussing the destiny of one of this year’s most significant premieres – “Baldur’s Gate 3.” As previously mentioned, the studio faced numerous challenges while endeavoring to […]

Frozen III isn’t even out yet, and a prequel is already in the works. You won’t be able to see anything yet

One of Disney’s highest-grossing studio franchises is expanding. The studio has recently announced a new project within the “Frozen” franchise titled “Frozen: Forces of Nature.” What do we know about this new project? Regrettably, “Frozen: Forces of Nature” isn’t a film endeavor. Therefore, there won’t be anything visual to see. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan […]

Remember Jared Leto’s Joker forehead tattoo? We know whose idea it was. David Ayer mentioned it in relation to “Suicide Squad”

  One of the biggest controversies in the 2016 film “Suicide Squad” was Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Joker. The decision to have an enemy of Batman wear a tattoo on his forehead that reads “damaged” (“damaged,” “injured”) was met with significant criticism. Now, the film’s director, David Ayer, has chosen to explain his artistic […]

Oscars 2024 Race: Will Uruguay make the Academy laugh? ”Temas propios”

There is already a fifth candidate for the Oscar in the Best International Film category. This candidate is “Temas propios,” representing Uruguay. About the movie “Temas propios”: Directed by Guillermo Rocamora, this film is a family comedy set to release in Uruguayan cinemas next week. Notably, “Temas propios” is the sole contender from Uruguay vying […]

“The Flash” on HBO Max: Release Date Revealed

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC have unveiled the premiere date for the Flash comic book adaptation on the HBO Max streaming platform. The show, starring Ezra Miller in the titular role, is set to make its debut in just one week, on August 25th. About “The Flash” Series: “The Flash” originally premiered in theaters on […]

Stolen brazenly: The most terrifying zombie in “The Walking Dead” history actually originates from “The Last of Us”

virginiaeranet.com Indeed, the walkers from The Walking Dead never shared many similarities with the creatures from The Last of Us, neither in appearance nor in character – until this moment. Undoubtedly, titles within the zombie genre inherently share certain similarities. It’s understandable that after over 90 years of undead presence on cinema and TV screens, […]

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930 x 180 AD PLACEMENT
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