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The wasteland adventure in “Fallout” officially continues: Amazon orders new episodes of the sci-fi hit

Cheers to a cold Nuka-Cola! Amazon has ordered new episodes of the sci-fi series “Fallout” following its resounding success. So, the journey through the wasteland continues. The countries where Amazon’s video game adaptation “Fallout” ranks number 1 have recently increased again: from 104 back to 108 (via Flixpatrol). Since the charmingly brutal sci-fi series was […]

Officially! “Fallout” will be continued

Everyone knew this even before the premiere of the series on the Prime platform, but Amazon has just confirmed that “Fallout” will be continued. The creators have been given permission to produce a second season. The gigantic budget of the series “Fallout” is one of Amazon’s most expensive productions. The budget amounts to a staggering […]

Martha! Superman’s Adoptive Mother Chosen

The photos for the film “Superman” have shifted to Georgia, and more new actors are appearing on set. Yesterday we learned the name of the actor chosen to portray Superman’s adoptive father. Today, we know the actress who will play the mother. Martha Kent chosen. Who is Neva Howell? James Gunn went in a different […]

One episode per week or the entire season at once? The Creator of “Scott Pilgrim” on Netflix Has His Pick

Streaming platforms, with their model of releasing new seasons of shows, have effectively accustomed viewers to binge-watching new content. This viewing model still has its staunch opponents. One of them is the co-creator of the animated series “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” BenDavid Grabinski (“Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “Skiptrace”), who openly criticized the […]

“Bluey: The Shield”: Is the first XXL episode too long for young children’s eyes? [Parental Guide and Review]

With “Bluey: The Shield,” we are presented with the first extra-long episode of the popular Australian children’s series. We’ll tell you, spoiler-free, whether young children might lose interest. The Australian preschool series “Bluey” not only captivates children’s eyes but also repeatedly impresses parents and adults as it charmingly reflects the everyday lives of young and […]

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