The Flash

“The Flash” on HBO Max: Release Date Revealed

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC have unveiled the premiere date for the Flash comic book adaptation on the HBO Max streaming platform. The show, starring Ezra Miller in the titular role, is set to make its debut in just one week, on August 25th. About “The Flash” Series: “The Flash” originally premiered in theaters on […]

“Michael Keaton won’t return to ‘Batman Beyond’ because of ‘The Flash’? Too weak at the box office?”

According to the latest rumor, the success of “The Flash” could open the door for a live-action, full-length version of the series “Batman Beyond” (known as “Batman – 20 years later” in Poland) with Michael Keaton mentoring the young Batman. However, “The Flash” did not meet box office expectations. Is there still a chance for […]

Tom Cruise and horror master Stephen King: This is what they think of the new DC film “The Flash

First, there was criticism, and now one hymn of praise after another follows: “The Flash” is surprisingly well-received by the audience, which includes Tom Cruise and Stephen King. “The Flash” garnered negative headlines in advance due to the scandals surrounding Ezra Miller and the film’s delayed release. However, in fan circles, the new DC film […]

Michael Shannon: Multiverse movies are all about figurines, and “The Flash” wasn’t a challenging acting role

Michael Shannon will reprise his role as General Zod in the upcoming show “The Flash.” The actor first portrayed the character in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel.” However, this time around, the role didn’t hold the same appeal for him. Why did the performance in “The Flash” fail to meet the actor’s standards? “The Flash” […]

First Trailer for DC Reboot with ‘The Flash’ Showcases Michael Keaton’s Return as Batman

Warner Bros. Has Released the First Official Trailer for ‘The Flash,’ and It Looks Fantastic Following the Previously Released Teaser Trailer. James Gunn, who along with Peter Safran represents the new dual leadership of DC Studios and is tasked with consistently pushing the DC Universe (DCU) through films, series, animation works, and video games, recently […]