About Us

The Virginia ERA Network is a legislative organization under the Virginia National Organization for Women. You do not have to be a member of Virginia NOW in order to help or participate in our efforts to ratify the ERA in Virginia. We recognized the need in Virginia to work for ratification and could find no other organization working in this area. We are functioning as the umbrella for groups created in the state to work for ratification, to disseminate information, educate the public, and to coordinate efforts as needed.

Our goals:

  1. To create a Yahoo group to form a network to alert activists to contact their Legislators about the ERA.
  2. To try to get activists to form their own networks of friends to spread information, the web-site address, and initiate alerts for action.
  3. Educate younger women who do not know what the ERA is and why we need it.
  4. Inform the general public about the reasons why ratification is necessary and what it accomplishes.
  5. Prepare for the introduction of the amendment for ratification in the General Assembly each year.
  6. Find speakers who will go to their  county board meetings and persuade individual boards to urge passage of the ERA.