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Program change backfires as ProSieben lands a massive flop

For Heidi Klum’s 50th birthday, ProSieben changed its program several times on Thursday and invited everyone to a big party. However, the audience stayed away from the celebrations and declined to take pictures with the Bergisch Gladbacherin. Heidi Klum, thanks to “Germany’s Next Topmodel,” is one of ProSieben’s most prominent figures. Therefore, it’s not surprising […]

The ex-professional dancer has made it clear that they no longer want to return to the RTL show “Let’s Dance

The popular RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” began a new season with its grand introductory show on February 17, 2023. However, Oana Nechiti, a professional dancer and audience favorite, announced her departure from the show in 2019 and has not returned since. Her husband, Erich Klann, who won the title “Dancing Star” with Victoria Swarovski […]

Mason Lee: He plays martial arts legend Bruce Lee

Ang Lee has cast his son Mason Lee to play martial arts legend Bruce Lee in a new biopic. The 68-year-old filmmaker, whose previous film credits include ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’, is said to have worked in secret on the upcoming project for a while. Danfutterman is reportedly currently working on the […]

European Film Awards 2022: These are the nominations

The European Film Awards will be presented on December 10th in Reykjavik, Iceland. Five films compete for the Best Film award, several of which were shortlisted from the Cannes, Berlin and Venice festivals – a preview of the nominees. “Triangle of Sadness” by Ruben Ostlund This year’s Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival went […]

Our View on the Upcoming Digital Services Act

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Four reasons for you to attend Carrom School

carrom School helps you restart your career as a remote developer. If you are a software engineer in India, at the early stages of your career, here are a few reasons you should attend Carrom School and restart your career as a remote developer. 1. The payment you deserve Photo by from Pexels If you are a software […]

After interview: Woody Allen denies withdrawal plans

    A Spanish newspaper reported over the weekend that Woody Allen was considering retiring. Now the controversial cult director withdraws the statement in a statement. “I think it’s a good moment to stop”: Woody Allen was quoted as saying by the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” over the weekend. His 50th film, which has the […]

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