Dwayne Johnson is not a fan of “woke culture”

    Dwayne Johnson recently revealed that he will not publicly endorse any of the candidates in the upcoming US presidential election. And it’s all because of “woke culture”. What really annoys Dwayne Johnson? In the past, Dwayne Johnson supported Joe Biden for president. However, that experience left a bitter taste. The actor now admits […]

Will Martin Scorsese be canceled? Controversy over a new series

Shock and disbelief – that’s how the news about Martin Scorsese preparing a new documentary series dedicated to the Christian religion was received online. Martin Scorsese is making a documentary series. One of the protagonists is Maximilian Kolbe. The project is titled “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints.” Martin Scorsese is its producer and will also […]

Is this the new Bond girl? At least according to bookmakers

The role of James Bond in the new adventures of agent 007 remains officially vacant. Besides speculating on who will become the new most famous spy in the world, commentators are betting on the names of the next Bond girl. Bookmakers have their favorite. Who will be Bond’s girl? Here are the favorites according to […]

Jonathan Majors faces court again

Jonathan Majors, former Marvel star, hasn’t yet heard his sentence in the assault case involving his partner Grace Jabbari, but he’s already gearing up for another court appearance. The actor has been sued. Jonathan Majors vs. Grace Jabbari – Round 2 In December 2023, Jonathan Majors was found guilty in the criminal case of assaulting […]

Will Disney and Johnny Depp reconcile? Will Captain Sparrow return?

Is there a chance that Johnny Depp and Disney will bury the hatchet, and Captain Sparrow will return to the Pirates of the Caribbean universe? Professional gossipmonger Daniel Richtman gives hope to fans. Captain Sparrow will return… but fans might not be satisfied Let’s recall that Disney has been planning the sixth installment in the […]

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