Anime-Stream for only 99 cents each month for three months, instead of over six euros monthly!

Anime “Overlord” or “Elfen Lied,” and the simulcast of “Goblin Slayer II,” all of this you can currently get for 99 cents, and if you want, for three months.

It’s Black Friday, and Prime members are being offered a special discount on Amazon Channels. So, act quickly because the entire enchantment ends on November 27. If you don’t have a Prime subscription and don’t want one, you don’t need to read any further at this point.

However, if a specific format on Aniverse interests you, and you’ve never had a Prime subscription before, you can test the service for 30 days for free. This also entitles you to the cheaper channel subscription, but only for one month. You can easily cancel the Amazon subscription and the channel through your customer account online. However, you must do so within the deadline, or both subscriptions will continue.

Book selected Amazon Channels for 99 cents now. Your Amazon Prime membership also includes Prime Video. Currently, you have the opportunity to make particularly inexpensive bookings from selected channels. You pay only 99 cents per month and can, of course, cancel the channel before, but you have the option to receive it at this preferential price for a total of three months.

This deal is particularly worthwhile for channels like Aniverse, as the subscription normally costs almost seven euros per month. While this subscription cannot be compared to the offerings of providers like Crunchyroll, there are still many interesting, well-known, and new formats that are definitely worth a euro a month. You can quickly overview Aniverse’s program here.

Other channels are also on offer, and at 99 cents, you can’t go wrong because you only need to find one movie you want to watch to make it worth it. Perhaps “The House That Jack Built” or “Scouts vs. Zombies” on the Home of Horror Channel?

At least the Paramount+ channel might interest you, although here you don’t get anything for 99 cents; you still have to pay half the price. However, for those who don’t want a Prime subscription, you can simply book directly with Paramount+. There is a good chance you’ll find something you’ve always wanted to check out, or you can give your kids the ultimate “Paw Patrol” joy. Even with this subscription, you are guaranteed the good half-price for three months.

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