“Baldur’s Gate 3” is coming to Xbox later this year! One mode is missing

virginiaeranet  Amid the ongoing Gamescom event, a meeting transpired between a representative from Larian Studio and Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division. This meeting was dedicated to discussing the destiny of one of this year’s most significant premieres – “Baldur’s Gate 3.”

As previously mentioned, the studio faced numerous challenges while endeavoring to adapt its latest production for the less robust Series S. As it unfolded, the discussions proved to be highly productive, culminating in the much-awaited confirmation: the game is set to make its debut on Xbox consoles later this year.



Regrettably, this agreement had to be made at a cost, leading to the omission of the single-screen co-op mode in the Series S version. This mode was the primary source of challenges for the studio, and its removal is entirely warranted at this juncture.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that cloud saves will only synchronize between PC<->Xbox or PC<->PS5 platforms. Consequently, if you commence your adventure on the Sony console in September and subsequently wish to conclude it on the Microsoft console, this transition will, unfortunately, be unattainable.

Is the decision to exclude the co-op mode from the Series S version appropriate? Would you rather wait longer to experience it in some capacity on this console?

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