Box office flop, Disney+ hit. Strong start for “Wish” animation

Disney has revealed data regarding the debut of the film “Wish” on the Disney+ platform. The animation didn’t sell well in theaters. How is it performing in streaming?

What is the viewership of the “Wish” animation?

“Wish” is a $200 million Disney animation that debuted in theaters in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the film was largely ignored in America and only earned $64 million there. It fared slightly better worldwide, bringing in a total of $240 million.

On Disney+, “Wish” turned out to be a hit. According to Disney, within the first five days, the viewership of the animation was second only to two titles: “Our Magical Encanto” and “Frozen II.”

The global viewership result of “Wish” after the first five days on the Disney+ platform is 13.2 million. Disney defines viewership as the total time users spend watching the title on the platform divided by the total duration of the title.

“Wish” is an animated musical comedy from Walt Disney Animation Studios, inviting viewers into the magical kingdom of Rosas. Its ruler possesses the power to grant wishes. A young girl named Asha makes a wish so powerful that it is answered by a cosmic force – a star of immense power. Asha, her faithful companion Valentino the goat, and the star together confront their most dangerous enemy – the ruler of Rosas, King Magnifiko. Will they save their community and prove that when the will of one brave individual is combined with the magic of stars, miraculous things can happen?

The stars of the production were Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine.

Trailer for the film “Wish”


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