Brad Pitt: Streaming enriches the film business

Brad Pitt thinks the rise of streaming services is “absolutely positive” for the film industry.

The ‘Babylon’ actor believes platforms like Netflix have created more opportunities for new talent, both in front of and behind the camera.

He said: “The biggest change is certainly the invention of streaming. I think it’s absolutely positive. There’s so much more talent getting opportunities to tell stories—directors, actors, editors, writers, and so on and so forth. It just goes to show that this talent pool has been there all along and only a limited number of people could get a lucky shot.

I love that we have the big screen experiences and ‘Babylon’ is definitely one of them. But the more intimate, smaller films that wouldn’t have gotten as much attention before are now getting more – I think – through streaming. More people have access to them. I appreciate that there is both.”

The 59-year-old star is also “amazed” at how many themes director Damien Chazelle has managed to cover in new film ‘Babylon’, which depicts the hedonistic beginnings of Hollywood and in which Brad plays veteran actor Jack Conrad, especially when it about the lavish party scenes.

Brad told Total Film magazine: “There’s such an energy to this thing. I’m amazed at how much he was able to get involved – and not by complaining, but by gracefully infiltrating. The opening scene of the party is breathtaking, of epic proportions.”

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