Chris Hemsworth: Thor’s role is constantly evolving



Chris Hemsworth spoke about his Thor role being an ever-evolving character.

The 38-year-old actor first played the legendary superhero in 2011, and since then Chris has found that Thor is different in each of the films.

The Hollywood star revealed to ‘’: “When we started in the first film there were many versions of the character and so I’ve always hoped… and I think every time we see him in a film see, it’s something unique, that’s where he’s changed. There’s always been something…

unexpected about the character.” Chris also thinks that Thor has become better known since director Taika Waititi joined the franchise. The actor thinks that 46-year-old Taika made Thor more humorous and also more emotionally vulnerable. “I definitely think from ‘Ragnarok’ onwards his sense of humor made it all the more relatable and there was a greater sense of fun and enjoyment in it.

I think the more vulnerable he got over time and the more complex – to the extent that he’s prone to emotional Trauma or emotional complications – his mental fitness wasn’t always at ten… I think people kind of appreciated that,” the star continued. Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson recently revealed that the sexuality of her role as Valkyrie has been a “big talking point” among the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ creators.

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