“District 9” director Neill Blomkamp is working on an action game

The director behind films such as “District 9”, “Chappie” and “Demonic” is working on a story-driven game in the battle royale genre.

We have previously reported that director Neil Blomkamp, ​​who is behind films such as “District 9”, “Chappie” and “Demonic”, works as a visionary director at the development studio Gunzilla Games.

Now it is clear that the game is called “Off the Grid” and that he helps with the story. The studio describes the game as a “cyberpunk battle royale 2.0”, so the focus will be on shooting for multiple players. Below you can see a trailer.

The Battle Royale genre revolves around a large number of players competing to be the last to survive on a large map, as in “Fortnite” or “Apex Legends”.

The plot revolves around three organizations fighting for the ownership of a space elevator on a tropical island that leads to a valuable mine on an asteroid. The description of the game states that you as a player “shape the story”.

“We have tried to inject the story in a way where the player can choose between just getting involved in the fighting or having the opportunity to dive into the story and missions, almost like a campaign you would play to follow a story,” the director tells GameSpot.

In the interview with GameSpot, Blomkamp says that they are not ready to tell how the story will be told, or if it will be possible to change sides in the war during the game.

“Off the Grid” has a planned launch in 2023.

What do you think of the battle royale genre?

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