Doctor Strange 2, why is Vision missing? Elizabeth Olsen answers

In the Multiverse of Madness of Doctor Strange 2, in the alternate reality that concerns Wanda alias Scarlet Witch there is no Vision. Elizabeth Olsen gives her answer to the question that pisses off fans.

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness the ideal life is central to which Wanda alias Scarlet Witch has never given up, despite the final bitterness of WandaVision. His interpreter Elizabeth Olsen is aware, however, of a question that several fans are asking themselves, after having seen the Marvel Studios film, in its first weekend already strong with worldwide receipts of 450 million dollars: why in Wanda’s Multiverse with his children lacking Vision, since it was so fundamental to her?

Isn’t there a vision in Doctor Strange 2’s Multiverse of Madness? Elizabeth Olsen answers
Elizabeth Olsen, appreciated interpreter of Wanda aka Scarlet Witch, has ferried the character from the acceptance of WandaVision to this dimension of a true villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In Sam Raimi’s film, her two children appear in one of the Multiverses, but there is no trace of the beloved Vision. Why? You are not a notorious “plot hole”. He is a choice. Chatting about the riddle with Collider,

Elizabeth replied

The list would be long, there would be my brother, my parents … We talked about it: if there is this multiverse, in this version of her universe this woman is not with Vision. We liked that this was a mystery. For some reason he is not in that world of hers. I always thought of that Wanda as a domestic version of her. They divorced, they separated. She doesn’t wear the wedding ring for a reason. Things like that, we liked the idea of seeing her alone. […]
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