First trailer for new episodes of “Shadow and Bone”: Following “The Witcher” setback, Netflix is placing its confidence in this series

The second season of the fantasy series “Shadow and Bone – Legenden der Grisha” will be starting on Netflix soon, and there is now a first trailer for it.

Despite the success of the main series, “The Witcher: Blood Origin,” the spin-off of the Netflix hit, has not performed well on the rating site Rotten Tomatoes, receiving a score of just 31 percent from critics and an even worse 13 percent from fans. This is a significant drop compared to the main series, which received 81 percent and 74 percent, respectively. It’s safe to assume that Blood Origin may have suffered due to developments surrounding Henry Cavill’s departure from the main series as Geralt of Rivia. Nevertheless, apart from that, the spin-off’s content is also not very convincing. Given the large-scale Witcherverse, one would expect more from the spin-off.

First trailer for new episodes of "Shadow and Bone": Following "The Witcher" setback, Netflix is placing its confidence in this series
Shadow and Bone ©Netflix

Once again, this shows that studios and streaming services cannot ignore the voice of their audience. It is now up to Netflix to reassess its priorities if it wants to maintain a large fantasy audience. Especially now that the competition is releasing works like “House of the Dragon,” Netflix must offer something special. A new season of the novel adaptation “Shadow and Bone – Legenden der Grisha,” by author Leigh Bardugo, will be released on March 16, 2023, following the successful first season. The first trailer is now available for you to enjoy.

The trailer suggests that the Grishaverse will truly unfold in the new episodes of the second season, as the direction becomes clearer. In the battle against General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), sun warrior Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) and her comrades must find new allies, as the Darkling pulls together a massive army of shadow monsters. To save Ravka, Alina must find the two mythical creatures that can enhance her powers. The crows are also set to play a significant role in the upcoming episodes.

Shadow and Bone: The Deer, Sea Serpent, and Firebird

For Alina Starkov, who has just discovered her powers and was able to strengthen them with a deer antler, her task now is to find the remaining power multipliers in the form of a sea serpent and a firebird, which will allow her to unleash her full power. However, a fragment of the deer antler remains in Kirigan’s possession, which will prove to be fatal, according to showrunner Eric Heisserer in an interview with Collider:

The stag represents strength, the sea serpent represents fury and rage, and the firebird represents love. These three things combine to create a truly perfect bow for Alina, as she deals with the trauma of her past. However, part of the deer antler amplifier remained with Kirigan when it was removed at the end of Season 1. This element created a mental connection between them, and he discovered it first. Initially, it was through dreams, but he soon realizes that the connection is more than just a dream and that he can use it to enter Alina’s mental space and try to influence her thoughts.

It seems that Alina cannot escape the Dark One’s grip, even after her escape.

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