“Fuck Mickiewicz” is also a story about love – another weekend in cinemas! The music video of the band Happysad “Before I Go”

In the movie “Fuck Mickiewicz“, which has been on cinema screens for several days, we hear, among others, the song “Before I Go” by the group Happysad. The song, considered a classic of Polish rock, comes from the band’s debut album – “All the Same” (2004).

Especially for the movie, however, it was re-recorded, and the music video, which debuted online last night, uses footage from the film.

Let’s recall that the song “Before I Go” stayed on the Third Program Hit List for 33 weeks. In 2007, the magazine “Now Rock” recognized the album “All the Same” as one of the fifty most important records in the history of Polish rock music.

Expelled from the university, writer and lecturer Jan Sienkiewicz (Ogrodnik) takes up a job at a Warsaw high school. Under his care falls the school-famous class of rebellious and knowledge-resistant outcasts. IIB are students straight out of hell, and their future seems predestined. But Sienkiewicz, armed with literature, enthusiasm, and a host of unconventional ideas, will challenge this group condemned to exclusion. Can he tame and save them? A story about friendship, love, school madness, and that everyone deserves another chance.

Watch the music video “Before I Go”

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