Gérard Depardieu: 50 French Stars Rally in Defense of the Actor

On Christmas Day, an open letter was published in the newspaper “Le Figaro,” signed by 50 stars and personalities from French culture. This letter serves as a statement of support for Gérard Depardieu .

The attack on Gérard Depardieu is an attack on Art itself.

The letter does not address the accusations against Depardieu but rather focuses on the behavior of public opinion. It expresses opposition to the lynching that is taking place despite the fact that the actor has not been convicted of anything so far.

Gérard Depardieu is likely one of the greatest actors in history, one of the last sacred icons of cinema, reads the letter. We cannot remain silent in the face of the sharp reaction against him, the torrent of hatred that engulfs him, completely disregarding the presumption of innocence that would be granted to him if he were not such a giant of cinema.

When Gérard Depardieu is attacked in this way, it is, in reality, an attack on Art itself. Through his acting genius, Gérard Depardieu has had a tremendous influence on the art in our country. He has contributed to the history of art, is a part of it, and continues to enrich it. France owes him much, and cinema and theater cannot ignore his unique personality.

Among the signatories of the letter are figures such as Charlotte Rampling, Carole Bouquet, Nathalie Baye, and Pierre Richard.

Gérard Depardieu Stripped of Honors

The actor’s situation significantly worsened in early December when a report showing the actor’s misconduct aired on a French television station. The report included both known and new allegations of sexual violence and the abuse of his position. Video materials were also presented, depicting Depardieu behaving inappropriately towards women and making vulgar comments about them.

As a result, the authorities in Quebec decided to revoke his National Order of Quebec. The authorities in Belgium took similar action, and a Parisian wax figure museum decided to remove his likeness.

The French Minister of Culture would also like Depardieu to be stripped of the Legion of Honor, but President Emmanuel Macron is not willing to agree to this. In a recent television interview, Macron defended the actor.

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