HBO Fires Star of “White Lotus 3”. Does He Support the Invasion of Ukraine?

The creators of the third season of “White Lotus” are facing troubles. Even more so is Miloš Biković, one of its stars. The actor has just been fired. Biković has been accused of pro-Russian sympathies and support for the invasion of Ukraine. This fact was brought to light by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a post on X.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine draws HBO’s attention to promoting a pro-Russian actor.

On January 24, an entry appeared on the official account of the MFA of Ukraine, stating:

Miloš Biković, a Serbian actor who has been supporting Russia since the beginning of the invasion, will now appear in Season 3 of the HBO series “White Lotus.” HBO, is it okay to work with someone who supports genocide and violates international law?

The post was accompanied by a video confirming Biković’s ties to the Russian government, including footage showing Biković receiving a medal from the hands of the President of Russia after being granted Russian citizenship in 2021.

Biković himself has never publicly voiced support for the invasion of Ukraine, but he also did not condemn it, even after being dubbed a “Kremlin spokesperson.”

HBO has decided to terminate its cooperation with the actor.

Biković has already commented on this fact:

I was honored to be chosen for a role in “White Lotus,” a television series that I greatly respect, as well as its creators. However, my further participation is not possible due to reasons unrelated to art.

He also emphasized: I will not succumb to any narrative that would compromise my integrity.

The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also spoken out. In a statement, it was stated:

We emphasize that the claims of the Ukrainian side are unfounded, as Miloš Biković is primarily one of the most popular and talented Serbian actors of his generation, who despite his young age has already made a Serbian presence in international cinema.

HBO is currently looking for a replacement for Biković in his role.

What do we know about the third season of the “White Lotus” series?

Immediately after the end of Season 2 of “White Lotus,” its creator Mike White announced that we can expect a larger scale in the next season and that it will be “longer, bigger, and crazier.” The plot is expected to delve into spirituality and the theme of death in Eastern religions. Curious fans have also managed to ascertain that among the characters will be: a patriarch, a corporate executive, an actress, several mothers, an outsider, and a yogi.

The premiere was initially planned for 2024, but the strikes in Hollywood last year delayed all work, and we can only expect the new “White Lotus” in 2025. Filming will begin next month in Thailand.

Check out the Serial Killers episode on Season 2 of “White Lotus.”

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