He sold drugs to the star of “The Wire.” The creator of the series is asking for a lenient sentence for him

David Simon, the creator of the series “The Wire” is calling on the judge to grant a lenient sentence to the 71-year-old man who sold fentanyl to Michael K. Williams. The actor died of an overdose on September 6, 2021.

In a letter published in The New York Times, David Simon asks federal judge Ronnie Abrams to show leniency towards Carlos Macci, one of four men who pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of drugs. The investigation found that it was the fentanyl he sold that caused the death of actor Michael K. Williams.

“What happened to Mike is a huge tragedy. However, I am certain that if Michael were alive, he would acknowledge two things: first, that he bears more responsibility for what happened,” Simon wrote. “Secondly, we gain nothing by imprisoning a 71-year-old man, who is virtually illiterate and has struggled with addiction all his life.”

David Simon emphasizes the difficult circumstances of Carlos Macci’s life. According to Simon, Macci’s decision to sell drugs was driven by addiction rather than the desire for profit. Macci’s representative, Benjamin Zeman, has requested a 1.5-year prison sentence for his client. However, the probation officer recommends a more severe punishment of 10 years in prison. The court’s decision will be announced later this month.

David Simon also wrote about Michael K. Williams, who portrayed Omar Little in “The Wire”:

“He was one of the best actors I’ve had the honor of working with, and one of the most caring, gracious, and compassionate people I could ever call a friend. Many times I witnessed him taking responsibility for himself and his decisions.”

The role of Omar Little was a breakthrough in Michael K. Williams’ career. The character was inspired by Donnie Andrews, a well-known thief and hitman in Baltimore. The distinctive scar on the character’s face was not a result of makeup but rather from a fight in a dance club in Queens, which the actor got into on his 25th birthday.

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