Invented specifically for the MCU: New Marvel heroine makes debut, and fans want more immediately

Extra fürs MCU erfunden: Neue Marvel-Heldin feiert Debüt und Fans wollen direkt mehr

Almost all MCU characters also exist in Marvel Comics. However, a new heroine has now actually made her first appearance, specifically created for the franchise.

Marvel’s What If…?

— Warning: Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of “Marvel’s What If…?” follow —

If you want to end the year 2023 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), you currently have the chance to do so on Disney+. Season 2 of “Marvel’s What If…?” is currently delighting fans with daily adventures from the multiverse and bringing some surprises along the way.

For example, Episode 6 is titled “What If Kahhori Shaped the World?”. If you’ve wondered who Kahhori is and whether you missed something in a past MCU title or even the Marvel Comics, rest assured: Kahhori is a newly invented Marvel heroine specifically for the MCU.

Powers of the new Marvel heroine Kahhori

Kahhori is an American Native from the Mohawk tribe. To ensure proper representation, the creators collaborated closely with Mohawk experts such as historian Doug George and linguist Cecilia King (via As a special feature, Kahhori and other members of her tribe speak practically only the Mohawk language throughout the entire episode.

The “What If…?” episode itself shows how Kahhori obtained her superpowers. Similar to Captain Marvel, her powers stem from the Tesseract, also known as the Space Stone. In the alternate reality of the sixth episode, the Fire Demon Surtur destroyed Asgard, causing the Space Stone to land in North America, specifically in an underground river.

Anyone who lands in this river is drawn into a paradisiacal parallel world within the Space Stone. Kahhori experiences this fate and encounters many long-lost members of her tribe. Within the Space Stone, they lead a carefree life with no threats, abundant food, and they also gain the powers of the Infinity Stone through their stay.

Kahhori proves to be a natural talent, surpassing others in record time. Her newly acquired abilities include tremendous speed and telekinesis, allowing her to lift heavy objects and even stop rifle and cannonballs.

She uses her superpowers in the episode to save her people from the impending oppression by the Conquistadores, with the help of other Mohawk who were also in the Space Stone. Ultimately, Kahhori even confronts the Spanish queen, demonstrating her ability to create portals and traverse vast distances in seconds, similar to Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

How Kahhori is received by MCU fans

The question is whether the test with a completely newly conceived Marvel heroine in “What If…?” was successful. A look at the MCU subreddit shows: yes.

We can be curious whether Kahhori will join the Avengers team in Episode 8, forming in the year 1602. Strange Supreme will be back in the final Episode 9, as revealed by the title. Fans can expect this on December 30, 2023. Season 3 of “What If…?” is already confirmed, and perhaps we’ll see Kahhori again there.

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