Johnny Depp as Johnny Puff. Don’t recognize it? Check out the trailer

Good news for Johnny Depp fans and his avian incarnation as Johnny Puff in the “Puffins” series. A new film in the series titled “Johnny Puff: Secret Mission” is in the works! Don’t know what it’s about? We’ll tell you. As proof, we have photos and the first trailer.

Johnny Depp in the “Puffins” series

“Puffins” is an animated series (two shows) that tells the story of puffin birds (a species of seabird with distinctive beaks). The main characters are Tic and Tac, Didi, Pie, and Johnny Puff – a fallen rock star played by Johnny Depp. The “Puffins” series has explored topics such as environmental protection and teamwork.

The characters use a specific dialect that Depp once described as a blend of his own voice with sounds made by real puffins.

In this installment, Johnny Puff and his friends will face their age-old enemy, the puffin Morse Otton. The future of the entire village depends on them. The film is directed by Nestor F. Dennis.

“Johnny Puff: Secret Mission” – trailer

Producers have signed distribution deals for “Johnny Puff: Secret Mission” in countries including Spain, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, and Korea, as well as in the Middle East. The film will debut in these places later this year.

Discussions are currently underway for the film’s distribution in the USA.

“What is Johnny Depp currently working on?

In addition to lending his voice to “Johnny Puff: Secret Mission,” Depp is currently filming a biopic of the famous Italian artist Amadeo Modigliani in Hungary. The project is titled “Modi,” and one of its stars is Al Pacino, who also serves as a producer. For Depp, this is his first directorial project since “The Brave” in 1997.

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