Jon Landau: ‘Avatar’ Film Series Pushes Technological Boundaries

Jon Landau credit:Bang Showbiz

Jon Landau has announced that the ‘Avatar‘ film series will “raise the bar” when it comes to storytelling.

The 62-year-old film producer has collaborated with filmmaker James Cameron on the long-awaited ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ sequel and revealed that future films in the sci-fi franchise will push technological boundaries.

In an interview with ‘Collider’, Landau revealed: “Well I think first of all we’re going to raise the bar with storytelling. I think we’re going to go out and meet some new clans. We’re going to go out and us look at a few different biomes and that will bring its own technological challenges.

How do we present them then? Just like the water posed challenges in this one.” Jon also urged cinemas to develop new technologies to ensure fans will have the best possible experience when watching a blockbuster on the big screen.

“And what we’re going to continue to do is not just look at how we can use the tools of technology, but how we can get the film community on board to create a pervasive improvement in all theaters,” added the ‘ Titanic’ producer added.

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