Kiss between two women causes boycott: several countries do not want to show “Lightyear”.

Boycott because of a kiss: After the United Arab Emirates had already banned the film “Lightyear” because of a kissing scene between two women, other countries are now moving. But Disney stands firm.
Buzz Lightyear once became known through the “Toy Story” films, in which the animated astronaut played his way into the hearts of children. No wonder, then, that the famous character got his own film.
But the prequel, which tells the origin of the Buzz Lightyear action figure, is now causing a stir mainly because of a kiss: A scene in which two women can be seen kissing was reason enough for the United Arab Emirates, the animated film was not to show in cinemas. Now other countries have joined the boycott.
The regulator of the United Arab Emirates justified its decision on Monday with a violation of the “country’s standards for media content”. But now the film is not being shown in other predominantly Muslim countries either. According to media reports, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have also decided not to allow the film about cowboy doll Woody’s best friend. The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia stated that “Lightyear” would not be shown if the scenes remained in the film. Other countries not allowing the film include Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Oman.
Meanwhile, Disney remains firm on the issue: The media company continues to refuse to subsequently remove the scene. “Lightyear” starts in German cinemas on Thursday, June 16th.


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