“Let’s Dance”: Anna Ermakova delivers a sensational performance – and surpasses the maximum number of points


Let’s Dance” showcases the true dance talent of a contestant who has delivered the best performances since the beginning and has now earned the first 30 points of the show.

Not only was it a successful opening for RTL with around 3.97 million viewers and a market share of 15.9 percent at the start of the season, but the grand opening show on February 17, 2023 was also impressive in terms of dancing. Although “Let’s Dance” has just begun, one of the title favorites for “Dancing Star 2023” seems to have already emerged.

During the group dances, the celebrities bravely attempted their first dance moves with the support of the professional dancers, and some of them were able to showcase their potential. However, model and daughter of Boris Becker, Anna Ermakova, stood out with her performance in the slow waltz, impressing both the judges and fans alike. Her performance paid off as she received the highest score of the evening, securing her position in the first show.

Anna Ermakova wowed the judges with her slow waltz performance.

During the grand opening show of the current season of “Let’s Dance,” Anna Ermakova danced a slow waltz to Girls Aloud’s “See The Day” as part of a team with Alex Mariah Peter and Natalia Yegorova, with the support of professional dancers Valentin Lusin, Andrzej Cibis, and Alexandru Ionel. The model impressed the judges with her performance, receiving the highest score of the evening with 23 points. This was a more than decent performance for her first dance.

Fix the grammar : protection against expulsion: Anna Ermakova secured the “wild card”

But the top grade is not the only reason for Anna Ermakova to be happy that evening. Apart from the most points, she can also be happy about Valentin Lusin as a dance partner, whom she already had at her side as a professional in group dance. As Anna’s performance proved, the two of them fit together well as a dancing couple. But that’s not all: the spectators are also enthusiastic about Anna’s performance and reward her great dance with a direct ticket for the next live show. With the so-called “wild card”, Anna and Valentin were protected from being kicked out in the live show on February 24, 2023. In Show 1, the two danced without any pressure and could not be voted out.

Boris Becker was very proud of his daughter’s dance

Not only did the jury and fans appreciate Anna’s performance in the introductory show, her father Boris Becker was also proud of his daughter’s performance. After her performance, the former tennis star posted a story to Instagram, writing “proud dad” and “well done” in English (via Watson). After the surprisingly positive jury rating, he then commented happily: “Yes! Good start!”. Boris Becker also shared the official “Let’s Dance” channel’s contribution to Anna Ermakova’s “Wildcard”.

Best performances: Anna and Valentin continue to dance on the road to success

In the first regular live show on February 24th, Anna Ermakova and Valentin Lusin again gave everything despite the “wildcard” and the effort paid off: With 25 points for their tango, the dancing couple again got the highest score of the evening. In Show 2 on March 3rd, the dancing couple again received a very good jury rating, this time for their Cha Cha Cha. However, they had to share the highest score of the evening with 29 points with Philipp Boy and Patricija Ionel, who also delighted with their jive. Anna and Valentin defended their provisional title as favorite couple on “Let’s Dance” with their impressive performance on Show 3 on March 10: With their Slowfox, the dancing couple scored the first 30 points of this year’s show.

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