“Michael Keaton won’t return to ‘Batman Beyond’ because of ‘The Flash’? Too weak at the box office?”

According to the latest rumor, the success of “The Flash” could open the door for a live-action, full-length version of the series “Batman Beyond” (known as “Batman – 20 years later” in Poland) with Michael Keaton mentoring the young Batman. However, “The Flash” did not meet box office expectations. Is there still a chance for the film to be made?

Kevin Smith’s Dream of ‘Batman Beyond’

The rumor was revealed by Kevin Smith in the latest episode of his podcast “Fatman Beyond.” The director confessed that he had high hopes for the success of “The Flash” because he had heard about plans for a “Batman Beyond” production. Smith mentioned Michael Uslan’s son, a producer closely associated with the Batman character since Tim Burton’s 1989 film.

“I was hoping it would do better in theaters. Michael Uslan’s son has said that if it does as well as ‘Batman’ did—opening to $130 million—one of the next Batman movies will be ‘Batman Beyond’ with Michael Keaton. So, I was like, ‘Oh God, now I hope ‘The Flash’ will make a lot of money,'” said Smith.

What Were the Chances of a Batman Beyond Movie?

If “Batman Beyond” had been made, the movie could have launched a separate franchise set in a world independent of any version of the DC Cinematic Universe, similar to Matt Reeves’ Batman.

However, it is unclear at what stage of “The Flash’s” development the plans for “Batman Beyond” were conceived. It’s highly likely that this idea was proposed before the change in management, and even if “The Flash” had been successful, the film might not have been made. The reason being that DC’s new executives, James Gunn and Peter Safran, probably have entirely different plans. It’s difficult to imagine Gunn wanting three Batmans in his universe: Matt Reeves’ Batman, Andy Muschietti’s “The Brave and the Bold” Batman, and Michael Keaton’s Batman of the Future.

What Was the Series “Batman Beyond” About?

The animated series “Batman Beyond” (“Batman – 20 years later”) continued the storylines from the original “Batman” series. However, it was set in the future after Bruce Wayne retired. Terry McGinnis, a teenager, becomes the new Batman after accidentally discovering the Bat-cave.

The series aired from 1999 to 2001 and was followed by the full-length animated film “Batman: Return of the Joker” (2000).

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