Morgan Freeman: The word “African American” is an insult

Getty Images © Michael Regan – FIFA


Getty Images © Michael Regan – FIFA

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman talked about the changing position of black actors in Hollywood. He also revealed why he doesn’t like the idea of Black History Month and why he doesn’t like the word “African American”.

Morgan Freeman on the situation of black people in the film industry

When I was growing up, there was no “my” actor in the movies. If Black appeared on the screen, he was funny. Until Sidney Poitier came along and showed young people like me that it could be done, recalls Morgan Freeman in an interview with The Sunday Times.

I can say publicly that I don’t like two things. Black History Month is an insult. Are you bringing my story down to a month? The word “African American” is also an insult. I do not sign this term. There are plenty of terms for Black people, including the “n-word”. I don’t know how these things get so perpetuated, but everyone uses the word “African American.” What does that even mean? Most black people in this part of the world are of mixed race. You also say “Africa” as if it were a country, when it’s a continent like Europe, Freeman added, pointing out that there are separate terms for Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans, and no mention of Euro-Americans .

The actor also referred to the words of Denzel Washington, who said “I’m very proud to be Black, but that’s not all that I am.” I completely agree. I can’t be defined that way, Freeman said.

Gwiazdor also noted that he sees a change in terms of equality in the film industry: Everyone now has access. LGBTQ, Asian, Black, White, Marriage and Interracial Relationships. Everyone has representation. They’re all present on screen and it’s a big leap.

“A Good Person” Trailer

The most recent premiere with the actor was “A Good Person”, directed by Zach Braff, in which the actor starred opposite Florence Pugh. Watch the movie trailer:


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