“Napoleon”: Joaquin Phoenix appears in new pictures from Ridley Scott’s film. When is the premiere?

The magazine “Empire” has released new photos from the historical epic “Napoleon.” The movie, directed by Ridley Scott and featuring Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, will premiere in Polish cinemas on November 24th.

“Napoleon”: New Images





Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix Reunited: What Do We Know About “Napoleon”?

Napoleon” offers an insightful exploration of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) and his intricate relationship with Josephine Bonaparte (played by Vanessa Kirby). Scott’s intention is to depict the protagonist as a brilliant strategist driven by unyielding ambition. As a result, audiences can anticipate a multitude of spectacular battle scenes gracing the screen. The cast also includes Tahar Rahim, who assumes the role of Paul Barras, a French politician and Josephine’s lover.

The screenplay for “Napoleon” was penned by David Scarpa (known for “All the Money in the World”). Dariusz Wolski, a long-standing collaborator of the director, is responsible for the cinematography.

For Scott, this venture into the Napoleonic era is not his first cinematic engagement with the topic. In his early career, the 1977 film “Duel” narrated the tale of two Bonaparte soldiers who, over the years, continually return to resolve their dispute in a pursuit for an honorable conclusion, ultimately in vain.

Let us recall that Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix’s last collaboration dates back almost a quarter of a century to the Oscar-winning film “Gladiator.”

“Napoleon”: Catch a Glimpse in the Trailer

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