New film from the “John Wick 4” team sends horror star on 80s action revenge campaign

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You can’t go wrong with tough action films in the cinema at the moment, and the “John Wick” team can’t anyway. The next action project is already fixed.

With recent developments in comic book movies, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has grossed a comparatively low $470 million worldwide to date and Shazam! 2: Fury of the Gods” even fell flat on its face with just 104 million US dollars, one could think that after almost 15 years of superhero dominance, a kind of trend reversal in cinema is actually emerging.

Away from over-the-top comic book adaptations and towards down-to-earth adult entertainment. No, we don’t mean sleazy films, but the kind of uncompromising genre film that is produced without concessions because those responsible know that this is exactly what their audience wants to see and that’s why they go to the cinemas.

The best example is currently rocking the cinemas in the form of “John Wick: Chapter 4”. Despite the higher age rating in many places – in Germany the action film with Keanu Reeves is shown uncut with an age rating of 18 and over – the fourth part of the film series stormed number one in over 70 film markets on the opening weekend and grossed a whopping 137 million US dollars worldwide.

The shortly before released “Scream 6” was able to bring in even more than the direct predecessor “Scream” despite a likewise high release with 141 million US dollars.

Paramount Pictures is looking to capitalize on that momentum with its upcoming action-thriller Bella (via Deadline). And for that, the studio is working with the hottest production company of the moment: 87eleven.

Filmmaker Chad Stahelski’s company is responsible for all of the “John Wick” films that Stahelski directed himself. If anyone knows anything about action, it’s him. Although he will only act as producer here, the film has a more than capable director in Larysa Kondracki (“Better Call Saul”), who will adapt the screenplay by Jason Markarian and Jesse Wigutow.

The real sensation in this production is not even Chad Stahelski, but leading actress Samara Weaving. The 31-year-old Australian is a real scream queen and has her Final Girl skills, but also general horror skills, for example with “The Babysitter” and especially “Ready or Not – Ready, Set, Dead”, which you can stream on Disney+. However, Weaving also cuts a fine figure in the action genre, whether as trigger-happy Nix in Guns Akimbo or Scarlett in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins”. In “Bella” Weaving will be allowed to fire properly from all guns. Will that make it into the list of the deadliest action characters you can see in the video?

“Bella”: Hard action in New York in the eighties
The premise of “Bella” is basically a generic foundation, but due to the chosen setting in 80’s New York it offers a perfect opportunity for hard throwback action in the style of 1980’s classics like “The City Cobra”, ” “The Phantom Commando” and “The Killer” with a good dose of girls with guns: In crime-ridden New York City, the daughter of a badly injured police officer goes on a merciless vendetta to find the masterminds behind the cowardly assassination attempt and to save her to bring route. She also has to deal with the corruption within the NYPD. A dream comes true for producer Craig Flores:

‘Bella’ reinvents the girls with guns action genre, fusing a sexy and outspoken rock ‘n’ roll vibe with the gritty, over-the-top realism of ’80s New York. Working with Chad Stahelski and 87eleven, whose unique talent is bringing unparalleled action films to audiences worldwide, is a dream for me, Larysa [Kondracki] and Samara [Weaving].”

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