New “Stranger Things” series: Netflix commissions spin-off project

© Netflix Stranger Things
© Netflix Stranger Things

After the fifth season of “Stranger Things” the mystery spectacle is far from over, because the universe is expanding. A recently confirmed series offshoot makes the start.

“Stranger Things” is one of Netflix’s most successful productions and is set to come to a well-deserved end with the fifth season. However, as Deadline reports, the universe will expand beyond the main series, as the streaming provider recently confirmed work on an offshoot.

The spin-off project doesn’t have an official title yet, but what is already known is that it is a “Stranger Things” animated series. One of the driving forces behind the project is Eric Robels, who was responsible for productions such as “Fanboy & Chum Chum”, “Skunk Fu!” and “The X Family”. Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators and showrunners of “Stranger Things,” said a few words about the spin-off in a statement:

“We’ve always dreamed of an animated ‘Stranger Things’ series in the style of the Saturday morning cartoons we grew up with and to hear that dream come true was very exciting. We couldn’t be more blown away by what Eric Robels and his team have come up with – the scripts and artwork are incredible and we can’t wait to share more with you! The adventure continues.”

Which in-house series on Netflix, in addition to “Stranger Things”, were also able to record exorbitant viewer numbers.

Other planned Stranger Things projects
The animated series will executive produce alongside Eric Robels, Matt and Ross Duffer, as well as director Shawn Levy (“Free Guy”) and producer Dan Cohen (“Love and Monsters”). The Duffer brothers founded the production company Upside Down Pictures last year, which should produce many a “Stranger Things” project in the future. In addition to the animated series, this also includes a live-action spin-off and a “Stranger Things” play. A possible implementation of a series adaptation of the manga series “Death Note” and Stephen King’s “The Talisman” is also being worked on. If you also want to watch the main series again, we recommend the Sky Q combo package, which allows you to stream highlights from the best streaming services.

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