Nicolas Cage plays himself in the game “Dead by Daylight”

Nic Cage is honored to have been invited to the “cool club” that is the gaming world.

The horror game “Dead by Daylight” is undeniably hot right now, with an adventure game based on the same universe in the works by Supermassive Games and a Hollywood movie in the works.

The game is multiplayer, where you take on the role of people who must survive against killers from various horror series such as “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Evil Dead”, “Halloween”, “Stranger Things” and “Silent Hill”, as well as original creatures.

During the Summer Game Fest, we learned more about the upcoming add-on, which stars none other than actor Nicolas Cage (“Renfield,” “National Treasure,” “Face/Off”) as himself.

In an interview on stage during the Summer Game Fest, he hypes the game, saying it’s an honor to be invited to the “cool club” that is the gaming industry, and talked about how immersive a game like “Dead by Daylight” is.


In the new content with Nicolas Cage, he plays himself as an actor who is drawn into the nasty world of The Fog during a movie shoot.

– I play a heightened, exaggerated version of an actor called Nick Cage. Everything I say, from screams down to the most minimal, exasperated expression of a sigh, is my voice. So that we are fused. I always knew this day would come, he says.

It was a bit of a travesty to follow the broadcast directly, as Cage really praised the game and his contribution to the skies – only to see a rather clever interpretation of himself in the game’s rather outdated graphics engine.

Behavior Interactive will tell you more about the actor’s involvement on July 5.

Dead by Daylight” has reached over 50 million players worldwide and is said to be a film by Blumhouse and producer Jason Blum (“Get out”, “M3GAN”) and “Insidious” director James Wan.

Are you playing “Dead by Daylight”? Are you excited for Nicolas Cage to appear?

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