Patrick Wilson praises Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” and “Guardians” as ahead of the fashion for superheroes

Patrick Wilson, who made his directorial debut with the horror film “Marked: Red Door,” praised his fellow director Zack Snyder. The actor admitted that as a director, he appreciated the show “Watchmen” in which he played in 2009. In his opinion, Snyder surpassed the superhero cinema boom and paved the way for “The Avengers.”

“Watchmen” is the only Wilson film he has returned to.


“Watchmen” is the only one of my films that I have re-watched in its entirety since its premiere, from beginning to end,” said Patrick Wilson in an interview with “ReelBlend.”

Wilson jokingly mentioned wanting to show the film to his son but having to rewind the scene with Malin Akerman on the ship.

“I wanted to see this film as someone older, as a filmmaker. I knew Zack was ahead of the trend,” the actor added. “It’s strange to say that the audience wasn’t ready for it, but such films are necessary. I believe a movie should explore dark themes as much as ‘Avengers’ explores the opposite direction.”

“I would love to be in that movie now; that would be great,” Wilson concluded.

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