Psychedelic trailer for the new horror game “The Chant”

What do you get if you mix the TV series “Nine Perfect Strangers” and the “Silent Hill” games? A set-up for the perfect horror game!

Publisher Prime Matter and game developer Brass Token are working on the psychological horror game “The Chant” which will be released in the fall of 2022. Interestingly enough, if you read the website of Brass Token, they state that the game will be released in October 2022. So hopefully we have something to look forward to received during the cold and dark autumn.

Ritual opens a new dimension

“The Chant” is an action and adventure game for a third-person player. To survive, you must fight and escape the psychedelic horrors unleashed after a ritual song goes terribly awry and opens up a portal to a nightmare dimension called The Gloom.

The Gloom feeds on negative energy and drives people crazy by fueling anxiety and fear which is then manifested into unpleasant creatures. “The Chant” is said to take us on a journey of psychedelic horror that has never been experienced before. However, there is hope, by sorting out the mysteries of an earlier cult from the 1970s, while strengthening your mind, body and soul, you can reverse the effects of the ritual and avoid being trapped in The Gloom forever.

In the trailer, we get a quick look at a peaceful island where individuals gather in a dome-shaped building. Their goal seems to be to attain enlightenment and embark on a spiritual journey. But the idyll is quickly interrupted by terrifying figures and psychological fear.

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