“SAW X”: Neighbors Called the Police to the Editor’s House. They Thought Someone Was Being Tortured

“SAW X,” just like the previous parts of the series, is filled with brutally intense sequences. One of them is the one in which we get to know the trap constructed by Jigsaw for the eyes. When director Kevin Greutert was editing this scene with his assistant Steve Forner, terrified by the screams of the characters, neighbors called the police.

Neighbors called the police to the editor working on “SAW X”!

In an interview with New Musical Express, Kevin Greutert, the director and editor of “SAW X,” shared an anecdote from working on the film. The screams of the tortured characters were so convincing that neighbors called the police to Steve Forner’s house, his assistant. Greutert described the situation as follows:

There was a knock on the door. On the screen of the video intercom, we saw that the police were coming. One of them said, “Neighbors reported that someone is being tortured here.” Steve replied, “Actually, I’m working on a film… You can come in and check if you want.” The cops started laughing and said they just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. It must have been a really realistic performance! And it’s a very funny story. Besides, Steve is very easygoing. I can only imagine his expression when he realized what was happening!

Watch a clip from the movie “SAW X”

You can already see “SAW X” in cinemas. If you have strong nerves, watch a clip from the film that made the creators’ neighbors call the police:

The film’s action takes place between the events of the most famous and bloodiest parts of the series: “Saw I” and “II.” John, suffering from a terminal illness, travels to Mexico to undergo experimental treatment, which is his last chance to survive. After the procedure, he discovers that he has fallen victim to medical fraudsters who profit from human suffering. Little do they know that they have crossed paths with a man who is an expert in matters of pain. John gets to work constructing a set of the most complex, insane, and cruel traps you’ve ever seen. Heartless doctors will undergo shock therapy, becoming victims of the bloodiest revenge in the history of cinema.

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