Son of Griselda Blanco: That’s offensive. My mother was beautiful

Have you seen “Griselda“? Opinions on the Netflix series seem divided, although its star – Sofia Vergara playing the lead role – seems to be well-liked by viewers in that role. But not to the real Griselda’s son – Michael Corleone. The youngest descendant of the drug lord mother believes that the intentional vilification of her in the series is offensive to him because his mother was indeed beautiful.

Michael Corleone Blanco on his mother’s beauty

It was revealed that Vergara’s daily makeup for the role of Griselda took about two hours, including special prosthetics to make her resemble the original. According to Michael Corleone Blanco, the effort to make Vergara appear uglier than she really is, is offensive because his mother was also beautiful, even called a “porcelain doll” in her youth.

Blanco argues that the media-popularized images of Griselda come from a period when she had spent many years in prison, and this portrayal is hurtful.

“My mother was a beautiful woman. It’s crazy that they told (Vergara – ed.) she should look more like a junkie. The fact that people call her ugly really offends me.”

He added, promoting his book about Griselda:

“People see police photos and stop there. But from my book, you’ll learn that in her youth, my mother was called a porcelain doll. Mayors, governors, and politicians in different countries sought the favor of my mother. Even here, in the United States. She was the crème de la crème.”

And that’s not all:

“She was always a beautiful woman. But, of course, 26 years in prison age a person. And my mom was used to being spoiled and comfortable. She wasn’t a saint, but… my mother was a star and a queen.”

Son of Griselda Blanco on working with Netflix

We know that shortly before the premiere of “Griselda” on the Netflix platform, the Blanco family tried to block the series. Allegedly, the plot included information taken from private interviews given by Michael Corleone regarding the possibility of bringing Griselda’s life to the screen. He never consented to their publication. The meeting with Netflix allegedly took place only for the family to learn that they would not be involved in the production process.

Michael Corleone considered this a sign of disrespect, and such a thing would not go unnoticed by Netflix if the real Griselda were still alive.

Regardless, you must respect my mother enough to consult with her youngest son – her best friend, who visited her in prison five times a week for 23 years. This is not just a slap in my face, but also directed against my ancestors. No matter where you are now and how important you are, you do this in Colombian style,” Blanco said.

“Griselda” – a Netflix series about the Colombian godmother

“Griselda” is a fictional series set in the 1970s and 1980s in Miami, inspired by the life of the cunning and ambitious Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most powerful cartels in history. Blanco was characterized by a deadly mix of personal charm and unexpected violence, which enabled her to navigate both family matters and business, earning her the nickname “godmother.” The series is available on Netflix.

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