“Spider-Man 5”: start, plot and cast – we know that so far


Spider-Man 5~ After some back and forth, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man future is secured for an entire trilogy. Here’s what we know about Spider-Man 5 so far.

Fans of the friendly neighborhood spider feared for the continuation of the series after Tom Holland’s latest solo adventure in “No Way Home”. In particular, the unclear agreements between Disney, which is home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for short), and Sony, which owns the rights to the solo series, led to uncertainties. In the meantime, however, it is clear that both parties have come to an agreement and that another solo trilogy with Holland is even being planned. But what awaits Peter Parker in his fifth adventure? Who is at his side and who does he have to take on this time?

“Spider-Man 5”: Theatrical release in Germany
Admittedly, the theatrical release of the fifth “Spider-Man” solo film is still an uncertain distance. It was not until early 2023 that Kevin Feige announced to his colleagues at EW that work on part 4 was still in a very early phase. It is still uncertain when said fourth film will start, as will the following “Spider-Man 5”. The sequel is not expected before 2026. However, there are still a few free cinema start slots in the MCU phase 6 to be filled. We will keep you informed about a concrete start date.

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“Spider-Man 5”: What’s next and who’s in it?
Since the fourth sequel still has many question marks and represents a turning point for Holland’s Spider-Man, it is currently difficult to make statements about the content and cast of part 5. Regardless of that, Peter Parker is expecting a new, exciting but also dangerous adventure – maybe in New York, but maybe also in Boston. In addition to Tom Holland in the title role, we also anticipate a reunion with Zendaya as MJ and Jacob Batalon as Ned.

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