“Squid Game: The Challenge.” Netflix gives the green light to Season 2?

Controversies surrounding the “Squid Game: The Challenge” program – read: Netflix made them a real Squid Game. The horror on the set inspired by the reality show series did not discourage Netflix from continuing production. The streaming giant has just announced that it has given the green light to the second season.

There will be a second season of the “Squid Game: The Challenge” program. What do we know about it?

Participants in the second season of the “Squid Game: The Challenge” program will likely face the same tasks as the characters in the second season of the series. The release date for the new episodes of the South Korean hit is not yet known. It will probably hit Netflix next year.

There were no objections for “Squid Game: The Challenge,” the most ambitious unscripted program to land on Netflix, not to get the green light – said Brandon Rieegg, Netflix’s Vice President of Non-Fiction Series, in a statement. We are very excited to continue working on the “Squid Game” franchise with our team in Korea and the producers from Lambert Studio and The Garden.

Watch the trailer for the “Squid Game: The Challenge” program.

The first season of the reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge” hit Netflix in November 2023 and quickly made it to the top 10 list of the platform’s most popular productions. Check out the short video preview:

456 players will participate in the competition, with the main prize being a staggering amount of 4.56 million dollars. By completing a series of tasks inspired by the original series (and more), participants will need to demonstrate strategic sense, strength of character, and the ability to form alliances to survive in the game.

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