Stephen King “loved every minute”: This cult shark horror film is on free TV tonight

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Friends of cultivated shark horror will get their money’s worth today on RTL Zwei. What all this has to do with “Titanic” and horror master Stephen King and where you can see the film in the stream, we’ll tell you here.

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A team of doctors and marine biologists is working flat out on a drug to treat Alzheimer’s. When a storm targets the small artificial research island in the endless expanses of the Pacific, the research objects, highly intelligent basking sharks, also become independent and launch a bitter attack on the station crew. Among other things, Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson has to face the fight against the monsters as project financier Russell Franklin. Director Renny Harlin (“Die Hard 2”) has created a thoroughly captivating shark horror film with “Deep Blue Sea”, which you can see on RTL Zwei this Friday, May 5th at 10:50 p.m. If you don’t want to or can’t stay up that long, you still have the option of catching up on the film for free by subscribing to Netflix.

Stephen King is said to have “loved every minute”.
According to Screen Rant, Stephen King “loved” the horror thriller and enjoyed every minute. It was the first film that the horror legend saw in the cinema after a serious accident – even though he was still in a wheelchair and had not fully recovered. The water tanks on which the set for “Deep Blue Sea” was built were also from the filming of “Titanic” (via Mental Floss).

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Although the film received a cautious reception from critics, it quickly became a box office hit upon its theatrical release in 1999, grossing over US$164 million worldwide. If you like the trip to the realms of the horror sharks, you can easily rent or buy the sequel “Deep Blue Sea 2” from Amazon.

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