“The Process”: Halle Berry in a Self-Development Guru Thriller

Oscar winner Halle Berry is set to star in and produce a psychological thriller titled “The Process.” The film will be directed by Tara Miele based on a screenplay by Levin Menekse, which made it onto the prestigious Black List of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood in 2019.

“The Process”: What is the film about?

“The Process” is the story of what appears to be a happy marriage participating in a weekend seminar led by a well-known self-development guru, Aiden. During the seminar, the characters are asked to analyze their lives, careers, and marriage.

While Peter fully embraces Aiden’s recommendations, Kirsa resists the titular process. Over time, the relationship and mental health of the spouses are put to the test. The project is described as a thriller in the style of Stanley Kubrick.

The film is an independent production being made outside the Hollywood studio system. Thanks to this, Berry managed to secure SAG-AFTRA approval to appear in it, despite the ongoing actors’ strike.

Halle Berry: Key Roles

Halle Berry has been gracing the big screen for over 30 years. She rose to Hollywood stardom at the turn of the century with roles in the “X-Men” comic book adaptation and the psychological drama “Monster’s Ball.”

Her performance in the latter film earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. In the following years, she appeared in movies such as “Die Another Day,” “Gothika,” “Catwoman,” “Cloud Atlas,” “The Call,” “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” “John Wick: Chapter 3,” “Moonfall,” and subsequent installments of the “X-Men” series. In 2020, she made her directorial debut with the sports drama “Bruised.”

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