The star of the “Bridgerton” movie boy Felicity Jones

Znany from the series “Bridgertons” Jonathan Bailey will be one of the stars of the cinema comedy “Maria”. Felicity Jones will play the title role (“Midnight Heaven”, “Rogue One”). Jason Isaacs (“Redemption”) is also cast.

What will “Maria” tell about?

Maria is a woman who has a tendency to run away from reality. Now she has trouble accepting her age, her boyfriend’s love and her father’s indifference. And then he appears – Raffi. She meets him at his father’s wedding. He is the son of the new chosen one of the parent’s heart. Maria and Raffie evidently share sexual chemistry. However, a deadly disease, newly diagnosed with the protagonist’s father, casts a shadow on the account.

Bailey will play Eddy, Maria’s boyfriend. Isaacs will be the father of the main character.

Behind the camera will be Simon Amstell, the creator of the film “Benjamin”. Amstell also writes the script.

Jonathan Bailey – Not Only “The Bridgertons”

Jonathan Bailey is an English actor who started his career as a child. He took his first steps on the stage. At the age of seven, he starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “A Christmas Carol”. At the age of eight, he was in the cast of West-End “Misers”.

He made his television debut as a 10-year-old, and in the cinema as a 16-year-old with a role in “Five Children and” Something “. Bailey appears more often in television productions than in cinema. He played da Vinci in the series “Leonardo”. We also saw him on the British TV hit “Broadchurch”.

However, Anthony Bridgerton’s role in the netflix blockbuster “Bridgertons” is the greatest of his career. Check out the trailer for the second season below:

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