“The White Lotus” season 3: start date already known?


Season 2 of The White Lotus was a huge hit. Here’s what we already know about Season 3!

After the first season of the wicked HBO satire had already been nominated for an incredible 20 Emmys and won ten of them, the second season was also very well received by audiences and critics. No wonder Season 3 is already confirmed!

Like all HBO offerings, you can stream The White Lotus on Sky.

The White Lotus Season 3: We already know that
While there is no start date for Season 3 of The White Lotus yet, we can expect to have to wait until around late 2023 or early 2024. There is already some information about the setting and plot.

An interview with showrunner Mike White in Vanity Fair magazine revealed that season 3 of The White Lotus could be set in Asia after Hawaii (season 1) and Sicily (season 2). It has since been revealed that White and the main cast are on their way to Thailand (via Deadline).

White also revealed that this time the topic could be about spirituality:

“We will explore Asia and look at the countries there. My instinct says it might have something to do with spirituality. Eastern vs. western religion or western people in eastern culture After the subject of sex, it would be nice to have something more otherworldly and less lustful […].”

The White Lotus, Season 3: Who’s Returning?
Since The White Lotus is an anthology series, we can certainly look forward to a mostly fresh cast again. However, there could be a few surprises here as well: As Connie Britton, who played power woman Nicole in the first season, revealed to Deadline, her return was actually planned for the second season, which could possibly be made up for in season 3.

Plus, there’s a good chance Greg (Jon Gries) will also return in season three, and we might learn more about his past relationship with Tanya in flashbacks — and that, despite Tanya’s death, fan favorite Jennifer Coolidge could make a roundabout return.

“The White Lotus”: That’s what it’s all about.
In the satirical comedy, we get to know the guests and employees in different branches of the luxury resort “The White Lotus”. So far, the seasons have always started with the death of an initially unknown person, whose history and explanation we then follow in a flashback of the previous week and ask ourselves the question all the time: who died now?

But this arc of suspense is not all that makes “The White Lotus” so highly addictive: In addition, the great cast, the intricate relationships between the characters, the impressive backdrops, and the catchy, ominous soundtrack ensure great viewing pleasure.

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