Tom Cruise prevented streaming premiere of ‘Top Gun 2’

In a week, the action film Top Gun: Maverick will premiere in Danish cinemas, but at the Cannes Film Festival, the film had its world premiere with a visit from the main character Tom Cruise.

The gala premiere was accompanied by a large-scale air show, where jets whizzed past the southern French city, followed by smoke in red, white and blue, which are the colors of both the American and French flags.

However, Tom Cruise was not only in town to sprinkle Hollywood star dust on the red carpet, but also to share his experiences from the world of film. It happened at an event before the Top Gun premiere, where was also ready in the hall.

After half an hour of filming moments from Cruise’s career (and there are many of them, and there are some really iconic ones of this kind), the legendary actor appeared for several minutes standing ovations from an elated audience consisting of both fans and press people .

On stage, he sat and shared experiences from his career, and it quickly became clear that Tom Cruise lives and breathes for film. Not least for cinema films.

  • I understand the industry. But there is a special way to make movies for the cinema. And I make movies for the big screen. I know where they end up afterwards, and that’s fine. But I always think: How do I make films for the distance? Not only for the opening day, but afterwards.

When the Covid pandemic hit the world over two years ago, ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ was postponed several times, and along the way, several of Hollywood’s colleagues’ movies were broadcast live on streaming services. But it was not an option for Cruise:

  • It will not happen. Never. Never. Never.
  • It is very different to make a film from making something for TV. How to record, how to communicate. Just as there is a difference between theaters and cinemas. Movies for the cinemas are my love. That’s my passion.
  • I often come to the premiere on film and put on my cap to sit among the audience. I want to see the trailers, I want to experience it all. I spend a lot of time with the cinema owners. I want to understand their jobs so I can help them. How do I push the format forward while learning all I can along the way?

There are indications that Cruise has once again succeeded in pushing the film format forward. In any case, his total dedication to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ has paid off with critics calling the sequel “perhaps the best film in 10 years”.

Incidentally, the star was presented with a special Palme d’Or – something he seemed genuinely surprised and proud to receive.

Top Gun: Maverick will have its Danish cinema premiere on 26 May.

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