“Undoubtedly THE series of the year”: Fans mourn “Shōgun” finale on Disney+

“Shōgun” delivered excellent and captivating entertainment over the past weeks. On the occasion of the finale, fans shared their emotional reactions online.

Goodbyes are never easy: On April 23, 2024, the final episode of the hit series “Shōgun” aired on Disney+. The series has been widely streamed in the country since its debut, consistently appearing in the aggregated charts of all streaming services by JustWatch in recent weeks – securing the top spot as the most streamed series of the entire month in March. Additionally, “Shōgun” has already been showered with praise from critics and viewers alike: on Rotten Tomatoes, critics awarded “Shōgun” nearly perfect 99%, while viewers gave it a proud 91%.

After the last episode was released, some fans on X (formerly Twitter) shared their grief that the series is now over – the chance for a Season 2 is quite slim. However, fans also took the opportunity to once again praise “Shōgun” in the highest terms:

These scenes made “Shōgun” fans particularly emotional – Warning: spoilers for the finale of “Shōgun” follow! –

As is typical for a series finale, one emotional moment followed another. Fans shared their impressions of some of these moments online as follows:

These posts once again show that the series was able to captivate its viewers throughout. Even though the series is now over, you can watch all ten episodes of “Shōgun” as often as you like with a membership to Disney+ – a small consolation, after all.

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