Will Disney and Johnny Depp reconcile? Will Captain Sparrow return?

Is there a chance that Johnny Depp and Disney will bury the hatchet, and Captain Sparrow will return to the Pirates of the Caribbean universe? Professional gossipmonger Daniel Richtman gives hope to fans.

Captain Sparrow will return… but fans might not be satisfied

Let’s recall that Disney has been planning the sixth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean cinematic universe since 2011. Initially, its star was supposed to be Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow. Unfortunately, Depp and Amber Heard became embroiled in highly publicized divorce proceedings and defamation lawsuits, leading Disney to distance itself from the franchise star and consider a new version.

However, Depp emerged victorious in his legal battle with Heard, and many fans demanded that Disney reconsider the idea of a show with Sparrow. The problem is that Depp himself might not be interested. During the trial, he spoke bitterly about Disney, claiming to have felt betrayed by the studio.

Daniel Richtman, however, claims that Depp is in talks with Disney regarding Sparrow’s return. The character would appear in the planned show but not as the main protagonist, rather in a supporting role.

“Pirates of the Caribbean 6,” so what?

However, Daniel Richtman does not specify in which version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Johnny Depp would appear.

As it’s known, Disney has yet to decide on the future direction of the universe. Jerry Bruckheimer revealed several years ago that several very different versions of the sixth show were being developed simultaneously. One version features Margot Robbie in the lead role. Another vision comes from Craig Mazin (creator of “The Last of Us”) and Ted Elliott (a franchise veteran).

Just a month ago, Daniel Richtman claimed that in one of the planned versions of “Pirates of the Caribbean 6,” the star would be Ayo Edebiri, known from the series “The Bear.”

The last cinematic installment of the series remains the 2017 film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” It earned just under $796 million worldwide, placing it 12th in the global box office rankings.

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