Will Martin Scorsese be canceled? Controversy over a new series

Shock and disbelief – that’s how the news about Martin Scorsese preparing a new documentary series dedicated to the Christian religion was received online.

Martin Scorsese is making a documentary series. One of the protagonists is Maximilian Kolbe.

The project is titled “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints.” Martin Scorsese is its producer and will also be the host/narrator. Kent Jones is responsible for the screenplay, who previously worked with the director on the film “A Journey Through Italian Cinema with Martin Scorsese.”

The series will consist of eight episodes. Each of them will be dedicated to a different person “who sacrificed everything to embody the noblest and most complex human virtue – faith.”

The protagonists of the individual episodes will be:

Joan of Arc – French national heroine, saint of the Catholic Church, patron saint of France

Francis of Assisi – founder of the Franciscan order, saint of the Catholic Church

John the Baptist – Jewish hermit, prophet for Christians, Muslims, and Mandaeans, saint of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

Thomas Becket – Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England, martyr, saint of the Catholic Church

Mary Magdalene – a figure from the New Testament, witnessed the resurrection of Jesus, called the “apostle to the apostles”

Moses the Ethiopian – monk, one of the “fathers of the desert,” saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Churches

Sebastian – Roman Christian martyr, saint of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

Maximilian Maria Kolbe – Polish Franciscan, missionary, martyr, saint of the Catholic Church

Listen to the podcast about the movie “Time of the Bloody Moon.”

Why is Martin Scorsese criticized for the new series?

Martin Scorsese has never hidden that Christianity is an important part of his life. He is currently working on a feature film dedicated to the figure of Jesus Christ. So why did the press release about the series “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints” cause consternation?

It’s not about the series itself and its theme at all. The problem for many is who the series is being made for. Scorsese will produce it for Fox Nation.

This station is considered by many to be a place where the most extreme racist and xenophobic attitudes are presented. Conspiracy theories related to QAnon are spread here.

Fox Nation is also one of the bastions of support for Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and a candidate in the upcoming elections, which will take place on November 5.

This date is significant because Fox Nation announces the premiere of the series “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints” for November.

Trailer for the movie “Time of the Bloody Moon.”

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