“Will ‘Toy Story 5’ be made? Tim Allen provides an answer”Will ‘Toy Story 5’ be made? Tim Allen provides an answer

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show,’ Tim Allen confirmed that work is underway on the fifth installment of the animated mega-hit ‘ Toy Story .’ The actor will once again lend his voice to Buzz Lightyear.

‘Toy Story’ is making a comeback

Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, said the deal is sealed. He admitted that the film is happening—Allen disclosed. Studio representatives reached out to Tom (Hanks) and me to reprise our roles. However, they are not revealing any details.

Does the legendary ‘Toy Story’ series need another installment? Are you wondering if four parts are too many? Or maybe five? There are rumors that the film’s writer has penned one of the best scripts in the entire series, Allen says. Allegedly, he said, ‘If I didn’t do it right, I wouldn’t do it at all.’ So, this could be a very exciting opportunity to reunite.

‘Toy Story’ is the tale of toys in Andy’s room, led by cowboy Woody (Hanks) and space ranger Buzz Lightyear (Allen). The first installment of the series was also Pixar’s first feature-length film and the first full-length computer-animated film in cinema history. The film hit theaters on November 22, 1995, earning $373 million worldwide. The subsequent films about Woody and Buzz debuted in 1999, 2010, and 2019. The four parts brought in over $3 billion in revenue.

In 2022, a spin-off titled ‘Buzz Lightyear’ appeared in theaters. This time, Allen did not lend his voice to the titular character; Chris Evans took on the role. The film depicts the origins of Buzz Lightyear, the character who inspired the creation of the famous toy. The titular hero is a legendary space guardian who, along with a commander and crew, lands on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth. Buzz tries to find his way back through space and time, accompanied by a group of ambitious recruits and the adorable robot-cat Kotex. The situation is complicated by the arrival of Zurg, who threatens the success of the mission. His intentions are unknown, but he is accompanied by an army of ruthless robots.

Trailer for the movie ‘Buzz Lightyear'”

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