“Willow”: New fantasy series has started! When is episode 4 coming?

© 2022 Disney
© 2022 Disney

In the new series “Willow” the story of the cult film from 1988 is continued. Warwick Davis, best known to younger audiences as charms teacher Filius Flitwick in the Harry Potter films, reprises his role as the eponymous magical-powered hero.

The Ron Howard film was already based on an idea by Star Wars creator George Lucas, so the new project comes from Lucasfilm, George Lucas’ production company. As a high-quality production, “Willow” joins the series of fantasy series highlights for 2022 such as “House of the Dragon” and “The Rings of Power”.

“Willow” trailer

“Willow”: start date and stream options

From November 30th you can stream “Willow” exclusively on Disney+. Two episodes were available at the start. From then on, new episodes of the series will appear every week on Wednesdays. So the fourth episode comes on December 14, 2022.

Disney+ currently costs EUR 8.99 per month and the subscription can be canceled monthly. Alternatively, you can save almost 18 euros per year with an annual subscription for 89.90 euros, so you only pay for 10 months.

By the way, if you want to delve even deeper into Willow’s story, you can also stream the original 1988 film on Disney+!


Willow on Disney+: Storyline and Cast

The story of the series adaptation of “Willow” begins about 20 years after the action of the original film. Like the film, most of the series was shot in Wales. At that time, the halfling Willow Ufgood saved the princess Elora Danan from the cruel Queen Bavmorda, who wanted to have the girl killed.

With his ally Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), he embarked on a dangerous adventure to protect the little one and developed his magical powers that will be useful to him again in the next adventure.

Two decades later, Willow is thrown back into an involuntary adventure when the son of Queen Sorsha (as in the original film: Joanne Whalley) and Madmartigan (Val Kilmer unfortunately does not return due to health reasons) has been kidnapped – and the forces of evil are gathering.

Willow will be joined by a whole new cast of characters, starting with (supposed) kitchen maid Dove (Ellie Bamber, “Les Misérables”). Also joining the cast is the kidnapped prince’s twin sister, Princess Kit (Cailee Spaeny, “Blumhouse’s Witches Club)”. Accompanying her is her bodyguard, Jade (Erin Kellyman, “Solo: A Star Wars Story”).

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