“You are not a pilot!” – Flight with Tom Cruise becomes a horror for James Corden

Hollywood star Tom Cruise came up with something special to promote his new movie “Top Gun: Maverick“: He invited the ignorant presenter James Corden to a flight in a fighter jet.

Tom Cruise surprised with a spectacular flight on “The Late Late Show”. (Image: 2022 Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

When Tom Cruise is a guest on the US talk show “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, it is automatically a guarantee of action-packed entertainment: in 2018 they jumped off together with a parachute, and that was also the case for his most recent TV appearance Hollywood star is thinking of something special.

“You are an actor, not a pilot”
Earlier that morning he had summoned Corden to an airport in Burbank. “I’m here at 5 a.m. because Tom asked me to be,” Corden said, apparently ignorant of the plan. “And if Tom Cruise calls you, you just say yes.” A short time later, Cruise landed in a private jet. The plane took the two to the California desert.

Once there, Cruise pointed to an old propeller fighter plane: “I’ll fly you in there,” he explained with a smile. Corden, in turn, reacted suspiciously: “You’re an actor, not a pilot.” As is well known, this is only half the truth, because Cruise does have a pilot’s license. He even owns the plane. Corden gave in and boarded the plane. After a few minutes in the air, he drew a “help note” and held it up to the cockpit window in vain before Cruise threw it upside down through the air.

Kudos to Tom Cruise

James Corden pushed his limits on the latest episode of his talk show. (Image: 2022 Getty Images/Allen Berezovsky)

Anyone who thinks that Corden’s horror trip is over is wrong: he should also climb into an Aero L-39 Albatros, a real fighter jet. In the machine, which can reach speeds of up to 750 km/h, they flew loops over the desert landscape before landing safely on the ground.

The 59-year-old earned a lot of respect for the action, which can be seen as advertising for Cruise’s new action film “Top Gun: Maverick”: “This guy flies jets, helicopters, drives racing cars, does his own stunts,” commented one user: “Like him or not, you have to admit, this guy is real and has solid titanium balls.” Another said: “I’ve been a pilot for 42 years and I’m very impressed with the skills Tom has shown.” In Germany, “Top Gun: Maverick” can be seen in cinemas from Ascension Day, i.e. from Thursday, May 25th.

It is uncertain whether there will be more action from Cruise and Corden in the future: At the end of April, Corden announced that he was leaving the “Late Late Show”. He wants to stay true to the format for another year before dedicating himself to new projects.

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