“Alone in the Dark” Gets a New Release Date – When Will We Get to Play?

[Alone in the Dark] The end of the year is always a hot moment in the world of video games. The multitude of new products on the market may overwhelm not only players but also publishers.

That’s why many of them opt to postpone the premieres of their titles to gain a more favorable position in the market. “Alone in the Dark” is another game that has chosen to avoid the holiday hustle. When will we finally be able to play it?

In the press release sent, the developers clearly explain the reasons for the delay. The competition at the end of the year is so intense that it would not be to anyone’s advantage to release the game at this time.

“Our intention is to avoid competition with Alan’s glorious premiere and the beautiful cityscape adorned with Spider-Man’s graceful webs. We want to remain as alone in the dark as possible. To mark the occasion, we have postponed the premiere of this chilling horror movie to air on January 16, 2024.

This extended wait serves a dual purpose: not only will it allow us to meticulously polish the gaming experience, but it will also ensure that we can fully immerse ourselves in October’s amazing releases without having to split our attention.”

“Alone in the Dark” will debut on January 16, 2024, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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