Box Office World: Long live King Shah Rukh Khan! “Jawan” is setting new records

“Last year’s Bollywood panic is now a thing of the past. After a series of spectacular financial flops, the Indian Hindi film industry is now soaring, and all thanks to one man – megastar Shah Rukh Khan. At the beginning of the year, records were shattered by ‘Pathaan,’ and now ‘ Jawan ‘ has broken the same records.

According to still incomplete data, “Jawan” grossed $42.9 million over the weekend. However, it premiered on Thursday, so in total, it already has $56.5 million in its account. Along with the earnings from America, this amounts to USD 64 million. Never before has a Bollywood film made so much money in such a short period of time. It has already entered the list of the top twenty highest-grossing films of all time in Indian cinema!

“Jawan” movie trailer”


Warner Bros. also has reasons to be happy. “The Nun II” wasn’t very well received in America, but the rest of the world went crazy for it. The horror film was particularly successful in Latin America, where 68% of ticket sales originated. The film held the number one spot in all countries there.

We estimate the weekend’s revenues at $40.1 million. In its first five days of screening, “The Nun II” earned $52.7 million. This marks the second-best opening in the history of “The Conjuring” universe. Globally, it has accumulated USD 85.3 million. This is an impressive result for a film whose budget didn’t even exceed $40 million.

The crime story “Di Ba Ge Xian Yi Ren” (Dust to Dust) unexpectedly landed in third place on our charts (and first in China). The film hit theaters only on Saturday and earned $23.9 million in its first two days of showing.

Meanwhile, “Oppenheimer” has already crossed the $900 million mark with ease. Its current global earnings stand at $891 million after the film grossed another $18.5 million over the weekend. Most of this amount, $10 million, comes from China, where Nolan’s film remains highly popular, especially for a Hollywood production.

Only in fifth place is last week’s premiere of “Without Mercy 3: The Final Chapter.” Last weekend, the film only grossed $11.5 million. However, it has the potential to stay on our list for longer since premieres in Brazil, Japan, and Mexico are planned for October. Currently, its global receipts stand at $107.7 million.

In sixth place is one of this year’s highest-grossing films, “Gu Zhu Yi Zhi” (No More Bets). This time, its earnings increased by USD 8.2 million, bringing its total to USD 554.9 million.

The last film on our list is “Barbie,” which has just crossed the $1.4 billion mark. However, last weekend, the comedy only earned $5.5 million.

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