Anger from “Inside Out 2”: That’s Why the Voice of the Grumpy Choleric Sounds Familiar

In Disney’s “Inside Out 2,” Anger often loses his temper. His loud voice quickly stands out—and might sound familiar to you.

Until now, Anger has been an essential part of the life of the main character, Riley. However, this changes in “Inside Out 2”: with the onset of puberty, other emotions take control in the command center—and Anger is suppressed. Naturally, the red grump is anything but pleased about this. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard his voice during one of his tantrums, we’ve got the answer.

“Inside Out 2”: Hans Joachim Heist Lends His Voice to Anger

In both “Inside Out 2” and the original “Inside Out,” Hans Joachim Heist voices Anger. It’s no coincidence that his voice sounds familiar. The actor, comedian, and director is a prominent figure in German television. He channels his passion for choleric outbursts not only in voicing Riley’s emotions but also regularly under the name Gernot Hassknecht in the “heute-show.”

Additionally, Hans Joachim Heist has been part of more than 70 film and TV productions, including (via IMDb):

  • “Lucy ist jetzt Gangster” (2022): He had a guest appearance as an older gentleman in this family comedy.
  • “Bettys Diagnose” (2016 & 2021): He appeared twice in this hospital series in two different guest roles.
  • “Friesland” (2020): In this popular ZDF crime series, he played a character called Murmel-Olli in one episode.
  • “Der Staatsanwalt” (2005 & 2017): Heist demonstrated his affinity for the crime genre with two appearances in this series.
  • “SOKO Köln” (2003–2005): As Police Officer Fritz Zatopek, he maintained law and order in 15 episodes. He has also been part of the “SOKO” series in Stuttgart and Munich.
  • “Löwenzahn” (2015): Heist took on the role of Art Professor Jakobus Nachtigall in this children’s show.
  • “Tatort”: The entertainer has appeared in various roles in this ARD crime series six times—1985, 1995, 2002, 2006, 2007, and 2009.
  • “Pastewka” (2006): In this comedy series about the eponymous actor and comedian, Heist played a pastor in one episode.
  • “Keinohrhase und Zweiohrküken” (2013): Before “Inside Out,” Heist already stepped into the dubbing booth as Father Fox.

From now on, you can hear Hans Joachim Heist’s voice once again in the cinema. As the emotion Anger, he brings rage, anger, and indignation to the emotional world of the main character, Riley, in “Inside Out 2.”

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