“Black Mirror” gets a sixth season on Netflix

The problems with the rights of the popular anthology series have been solved, which means that “Black Mirror” creator Charlie Brooker can finally do more seasons.

Variety reports that Netflix has begun work on creating a sixth season of “Black Mirror”. The popular anthology series released its fifth season in June 2019, which then only consisted of three episodes. But after several years, work on the sixth season could not begin when Charlie Brooker, who is behind the series, left the production company that owned the rights to the TV series and therefore was not allowed to continue working with the title.

Netflix, on the other hand, has recently managed to reach an agreement between Broker’s new production company and his old one, so work can now finally continue with new “Black Mirror” episodes.

There is no information on how many episodes the new season will consist of, but it is said to be at least more than until the fifth season and that each episode is treated more or less like a feature film. The dark sci-fi series will at least continue to hold each episode as stand-alone stories, about a near future where technology takes over our lives in various frightening ways.

It is also unclear when the sixth season is expected to be ready for premiere, but it is said to have at least come so far with the production of it that they have now started looking for actors to link to the various episodes.

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